Wednesday, June 24, 2009

EXTRACT from DrTPS's book - LIFE made SIMPLE

Chapter 14



Ramayana in the Nature
Rama is the sooryavansaja, representing the sun
Sita means the earth.

Ravana is the rakshasa who has the vimana to travel in the air. He is the cloud.
Ravana cannot touch the earth as clouds can’t reach the earth.

Laxmana is the indradhanush, the lightning, and thus could break the cloud.
The vayu bhagavan is the hanuman that goes to the kingdom of the ravana and creates problems.

As the sun with the cloud could not see the earth,
similarly Rama couldn’t see Sita.

Hanuman, the wind moves the ravana, the cloud.
Sun could see the earth.

The cloud as sun breaks will get into shower and the earth gets the shower.


Krishna and Rama
Valmiki explains in 'YOGAVASISHTA' the conflict resolution to the 16-year-old Rama through the lectures given by Vasishta for 18 days.

Krishna in the next janma gave similar lessons to Arjuna..

In one janma you learn,
next janma you can teach.

Sita and Radha
Rama had single wife and none.
Sita was with Rama always.

Krishna had many people for company
also left Radha at times and went for rounds.

Lakshmana and Balarama
Lakshmana was younger and got always with Rama.
For all that Rama did Lakshmana too had to face.

Balarama keeps disturbing
Krishna as the elder brother.

Arrow in shadow
Rama gave an arrow in shadow

Krishna got it back.

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