Monday, January 29, 2018

Ram Ram in Fiery Fiji

Ram Ram in Fiery Fiji
BULA in Itaukei welcome in Nadi
di is NDI and thus Nadi is Nandi
I saluted the bullock of the Shiva
Then for RAMA on Siva at Suva
Sand beneath my feet off shore
At the end of Indian Ocean
Finally I am here in Fiji Conference
warmth inactive and emptyness
cold nor hot neither drizzle
I looked into the blue sky
palm trees decorated the pave
leaves swaying softly in breeze.
My most favourite hibiscus 🌺
BULA shirts over SULU
gave the variety colorfull
dry dark stem in black soil
I saw the Fijians, Guyana, Penang
Canberra and Auckland, Muricious
Core hindi group of Thulsi Das
An odd me and the Archie Rao
Satwik food supplied, only had
lost chance of spicy Fijian food
My kerala attire was a change
Taste on tea too remained stable
Beautifully bloomed flowers
Dance in glee ramleela is left
beauty and wonder of Fiji too
warmest comfort Under hot sun
Solitude I stayed in island Fiji
heart filled storms unstopped
through the sea storms stayed
dreamed sublime Sita alone
No city noise still unending joys
alone young in heart dust I slept
inside soul solo blanket shielded
hesitation lonely road silent walk
I shall return for now, I must travel
Across tranquil sea long enjoyed
I softly kiss Fiji as it has origin Girmit
Had fiery days on British and self
scenery - Architecture BULA
BULA from lovely people
As I wished Ram Ram
It is to return again one day
An odd me =. Only me who is from south India . Rao too had his office activity in Delhi . All others from UP / Varanasi / Delhi / Mumbai and all on ThusliDas and Ramleela
Archie = man who is from Archeology
BULA = welcome
Nadi = International Airport
Gurmit = Indians brought to Fiji by British Force in early eighteen nineties on agreement
Itaukei = local Fiji language
Suva = Capital city where conferenced RAMA
SULU = dress that is commonly used here
Taste on tea too remained stable = I prefer tea, here all love coffee or masala tea
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